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Twin Sizes
141 24.5 867 110 5.4 1.59
148 25.6 980 119 5.4 1.59
155 25.6 933 122 5.4 1.59
159 25.3 795 127 6.1 1.50
161W 29.2 1190 125 5.4 1.5
163 24.3 895 132 5.4 1.5
Directional Sizes
140 23.6 710 104 5.4 1.59
146 24.3 770 113 5.4 1.59
150 24.5 770 116 5.4 1.59
153 26 830 118 5.4 1.50
157 25.6 830 120 5.4 1.5
What Makes Our Boards So Good?

Monson takes a lot of pride in each one of the boards they produce. Everything is done by with their own hands, except for pressing the boards, of course. They have had years of experience thrashing other people's boards and on the way found out what was wrong with most of the snowboards out there. They took that back to the drafting table, and worked with engineers and expert shapers to come up with, what we think, are the best boards out there.

Full Length Poplar Wood Core

The wood core is a central part of the board. The core is the element around which the rest of the board is built. The core's shape affects flex and weight. Wood is a good material to use as a core because of its vibration-absorbing characteristics. Wood consists of long fibers that transmit high-frequency vibrations along the board's length; these vibrations help reduce suction between the base and the snow, improving glide.

In lower-end boards, foam is often injected into a molded, cap-type board or mixed with othe rmaterials to form a light, inexpensive core. (Snowsports Industry Association) Our cores are blends of vertically laminated strips of premium wood. Each core is cut to precision using a CNC Machine. Each impression for our Torsional Channeling System is also cut out of each core and inspected for perfection.

Carbon Fiber Stringer X Pattern on the Tip, Tail and in the Center:

Adding carbon fiber in these locations will give yo ua very versitile snowboard. If will give you 'Pop' when jibing in the park whether it is on your tip or tail. The stringers in the center will give you strength and pop when riding rails. The 3 combined will torsionally stiffen up your baord to allow you to carve deeper at higher speeds.

Carbon Fiber Stringer X Pattern on the Tip and Tail:

Carbon fiber on your tip and tial will give you pop while jibbing in the park, aswell as giving you a solid tip or tail to land on when going big.

Carbon Fiber X Pattern crosses in center and goes to the effective edge :

Carbon fiber crossing the center stiffens the board for speed and gives the rider a more stable ride while carving pow.

Bamboo Sidewall

Our newest feature. This replaces your typical plastic or steel sidewall. This lowers the overall weight of the board and is less susceptible to water corruption over the life of the board.  The other materials in the board also bond well to it causing less delamination issues. The bamboo sidewall creates a reaction like the wood core causing a more natural consistent flex throughout the board. The way it used to be done is where the edges would be closed and it was called a cap - the plastic you are typicall used to seeing.

Triaxial Fiberglass

Fiberglass is used over and under the wood core to increase stiffness and keep the board from deforming. Fiberglass can be used in several layers, and allows for the correct properties meanwhile keeping the board light. We use a triaxial lay-up orienting the fiberglass at 0, 45, and -45.

Custom Resin System

This specially formulated two-part epoxy resin system is an adhesive to bond all of the parts of the snowboard. Also used to saturate the fiberglass which makes the glass rigid. The correct resin formula is important so that excellent adhesion may be accomplished. The resin system along with proper material preparation is the key to a board's structural integrity, while providing flex and dampening characteristics.

4x4 Stainless Steel Inserts

Used to secure the bindings to the board. Made of stainless steel and integrated directly into the wood core. In a standard 4x4 patter to allow stance adjustments. Our standard thread screw dimension is a metric 6mm

Durasurf sintered base

Many people have heard the term "sintered base" but don't know what it means. Traditional bases consist of melted polyethylene plastic that is poured into a mold. A sintered base is created by compressing, under heat, hundreds of thousands of tiny balls of base material. Because the material is not melted, the chemical composition of the base material remains unchanged. This forms a much harder and durable, yet porous base that allows wax to be more easily absorbed. This increased porosity means that sintered bases can be more work to get clean but the payoff is in longer lasting wax jobs.

DuraSurf has become renowned for its tremendous durability, along with the other well known advantages of sintered base, those being speed, wax absorption and retention, impact resistance and consistency in extreme temperatures.

Sublimated co extruded top sheet

Description coming soon....

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