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About Kasei Sports

Kasei Sports has partnered with Monson Boards to create an outlet for designers to flex their creative muscle.

Design Your Ride is the multi-annual kickass Monson and Kasei Snowboard design contest, created by designers and voted on by designers. Why should the winners be chosen by a selected few?

Design Your Ride was a bigger success then we could have ever hoped for. After 130,000 votes this years winners are a great collection of various styles. We consider ourselves lucky to have such great designers in our catalogue.

Look to Kasei and Monson in the upcoming year for a new and innovative approach to the snowboarding community. We have more in store and next years contests and websites are not on a mainstream approach. The mold is about to be broken.

Who we are

A collaborative effort between Kasei Sports Inc. and Monson Snowboards, Inc.

Ken Rossi, Creative Director
Darren Philip, Art Director
Duane King, Senior Designer
Anthony Gumbs, Technical Lead
Michael Rosenberger, Business Development
Nic Tinworth, Consultant
Paul Nalewajk, Consultant
Derek Blais, Photography

and of course Monson Snowboards
Ryan Monson, Pres. of Manufacturing
Richard Monson, Pres. of Bus. Development
and the entire Monson Team.

A Liquid Orb Media Venture.

About our name

Extreme sport enthusiasts tend to have a love of nature. Being an avid national geographic subscriber we came across the name through an article we read. Here is an excerpt from NG jan. 2004:

"Geologic violence on mars carved the huge channel of the northern kasei valles (right, in a color-coded mola image). despite the feature's great size - some 500 kilometers wide and nearly 3,000 kilometers long - some scientists think the catastrophic releases in of groundwater that carved the valley may have lasted only weeks or months. Others believe that the water was confined underground by ice. when the ice ruptured possibly due to volcanic activity, water burst forth violently. The water flow rate through kasei could have been a billion cubic meters per second, dwwarfing the capacity of channels on earth such as the amazon river and strait of gibraltar (art, right)."

We thought that in the future that this would be the universe's coolest half pipe.

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